Core Values and Pain

Core values are the basis of every person. These are the only things that do not change, while literally everything else in a person does – from cells, neurons, beliefs, habits and behaviour.


Over time values are added through experience and learning. These tend to amplify the existing core values, however, these can also change and evolve.


The point of core values is that it describes and demonstrates who a person is at their very core, what is energetically programmed into their DNA.

The struggle with core values is that commonly the belief system(s) within a person can and does function separately. This creates internal conflict and often results in numerous belief systems, all trying their hardest to lead a person.



The consequence of this can be indecision, irrational behaviour, depression, anxiety, insomnia and weight issues, for example. It is where one thing is believed but the opposite action is undertaken.

In simple terms, it means that the person is not living congruently within themselves. Unfortunately, 99.9% of the population goes through this stage at some point.


Through self-development, healing and awareness, the belief systems can be consolidated and aligned to the core values.


It removes constant confusion, negative thinking and enables the person to feel confidently and have self-worth. All very positive.


Now, when being aligned and going through the intensive journey to reach this point, it creates an interesting type of pain when these values are compromised, particularly by those that are close, loved or trusted.


It tends to hit harder and last longer. The reason for this is because when the core values are compromised the whole person as a whole is being compromised. Therefore, it feels like a reverberation though every cell in the body. It is not fun and it hurts more than one would think.


Consider some common core values being: trust, integrity, respect, compassion, kindness and so forth.  Now when someone breaks trust, it also compromises respect, compromises integrity and demonstrates a lack of kindness and compassion. So, in one seemly insignificant action, all of the core values have been displaced. It is for this reason it hurts as much as it does because it goes against every part, every grain of the person.


Rule of thumb for this sensation is to pay attention, it is not being oversensitive or emotional; it is the very wiring of the person screaming at them to take action. Commonly fight or flight.


Confront the situation or person; alternatively, run - really fast.


The beauty of core values is that they have no ulterior motive and they are always accurate.

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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