Understand Sexual Energy

“Sexual Energy is part of our life force energy. By aligning Self with Sexual energy it allows the person to restore natural energetic balance.”

The amazing part when working with and considering on being aligned to sexual energy is that in essence it has little to do with sex, as such.It is more prevalent to say that it is to do with the combination and the part of the body where the feminine and masculine energies become one. Then coupled with this is that it is also the area where creativity and passion stem from.

This area is better known as the base chakra. It is an extremely powerful area because all of these core fundamentals meet in this one area. It is a source of great power and as such, it can be easily misunderstood.


Consider that sexual energy is the combination of all of this coming together into one stream of energy. When it is used and aligned with an individual it has the power to create some of the most beautiful, most passionate things requiring nothing more than breathing.  This is because when in natural state and everything flows, communicates and engages as it does there is no effort.

Consider the flow of a river. When it has been blocked by a dam, bits and pieces of water trickle through so the river receives a taste of the water that is being held back without really become part of or submerging into the essence and greatness of the river as a whole.

Sexual energy works similarly. Throughout life, the beliefs many have, the way many are brought up, the essence of the energy is blocked, like a dam, and some creativity comes through, some feminine energy comes through as does masculine but it may not be at the same time so it tends to feel inconsistent or even seem out of balance.

However, when the dam is removed (ironically man made) then the energy has the ability to flow to all of the areas, connecting to all of the areas and enabling this one very important part of oneself to be complete. It is then that the energy can be used in its pure state.

The sexual part is more than sex but sex in itself is like the icing on the most perfect cake – simply highlights its already perfect state.

When thinking about sexual energy, break it down to fundamentals – feminine energy, masculine energy, creative energy, passionate energy and the trickle of core energy that makes up the rest of the person. Notice how each one varies from the other yet, complement each section. Notice also, when one is more engaged than the other or what influences one over the other.

Sometimes it is a matter of taking one beautiful deep breath and directing it to all of those areas, instructing it to flow and focus feeling the warmth and connectedness that follows.

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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