Hally Knows

"It has been the most intense period of my whole life and you have been there with me every step of the way, guiding, healing and teaching me."

"OMG - 3 years and I have such a beautiful life, a wonderful husband, an amazing business, more certainty, strength and belief in myself. My healer and mentor Hally has helped me so much to overcome and be. She reminds me to believe in my dreams, to create, to grow and own the powerful being that I am. Thank you Hally".


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart". ​

"You are an incredible soul Hally! I don't know what I would have done without your guidance light and healing in all these years!! Can't wait for our next session". 

"Hally is my mentor, healer, therapist and kick ass Life Coach!!! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to find their best self! Be prepared to be honest and do some real soul work!"

"I want to thank you for everything you do. Without you, I truly don't know where I would be. You are truly a beautiful soul". 

I am now living free, empowered, happy and positively making a difference to other people. I'm excited about life and the journey ahead. Thank you Hally!"


"Had the most wonderful session with my healer/guru/therapist Wonder Woman Hally to close off 2021. What an incredible growth 2021 has been and I am so excited for what 2022 will bring. The best investment I make each week is on my mental and spiritual health. Everything starts on the inside and flows out. Energy speaks volumes!!"

"You are a blessing I have to say. Thank you for your kind words and support. Much appreciated." 

"Having an incredible healer and therapist adds some serious fuel to change! It's not comfortable but wow talk about results!!!"

"I can’t begin to thank you enough for the last 22 months. Without you I wouldn’t “be” this best version of me. 

"First of all thank you so much! I feel incredible and cannot thank you enough!" 

"I found that Hally received the exact technique needed to allow me to clear what I needed to clear. After the sessions I felt more uplifted and more connected to myself, which has added to my ability to come into alignment with my own passion and purpose. I appreciate Hally for the time she shared with me, which has changed my life through the awareness she enabled within me.”

"Hally's coaching was so effective, I was able to release old patterns of behaviours that were holding me back in my life. I gained clarity and developed my confidence and innate abilities to be able to live my true purpose in life".

I am now living free, empowered, happy and positively making a difference to other people. I'm excited about life and the journey ahead. Thank you Hally!"

“Hally and I have had a few sessions together which were perfectly aligned with what I was wanting to release within me. I could not have done this without her."

"Hally is a truly gifted and phenomenal lady.  Hally understood the complexity and danger of my situation I was in, when no-one else did.  She supported me with endless late night chats and processes to protect my son when we were experiencing terrifying things leading up to our appointment.

"Thanks to Hally, my son is his normal, lively, happy self and feels free and safe again."

"I have been to other spiritual healers but Hally is the first that knows what she is doing. She undid the damage from the other healers and relieved me of my fatigue issue that I have had for years. Thank you so much Hally."


"Hally you are pretty phenomenal, just saying". 

“You know it is difficult to live from the heart if you live outside your body. It’s taken me a while but I think I have made it back into my physical body. Thank you Hally Rhiannon-Nammu, she showed me the way back”. 

“I’ve asked other “experts” similar questions and you are the first one to actually give a real thoughtful response and not just direct me to their pre recorded material…You are one of the few “gurus” who spent the time to convey what the Light within you was saying. That means you are on the side of light and not just someone who got into the business because they wanted to get off and make money…Thank you again for your time, your words, and all you do.”

"My house was a war zone and I could never get a good night's sleep. After Hally's clearing & house cleansing I not only sleep better I also know my children are safe. Hally is a super ghost buster!"


“Hally Rhiannon-Nammu helped me discover a part of my existence where I was a god, who had lost a soul and was basically creating havoc on an earth that I created. She showed me the way to release that connection. Thank you Hally!”

Since February 2017 I have weekly sessions and it's the best investment in my mind, soul and body. We have moved mountains together and shifted so many blocks! I am reaping the benefits of all the work I'v done and I am achieving incredible things because I am finally sitting inbox my power!​

"Hally, without you there would be no dreams and hopes. I have come a long way and I am finding that little girl within. You helped me and continue to do so; that means the world to me. You make us do the hard work and without you we wouldn't do it. So, a toast to a beautiful heart and soul".