Suicide and Pain

Suicide, unfortunately, is a lot more common than it should be. 

It is not something new and it has existed across cultures for different reasons for centuries. Yet, it is on the increase and there is an obvious lack of understanding around this subject.

Some believe suicide is a coward's way out and others cannot fathom what would cause this decision.

The brain is highly complex, even more-so, are the emotions that connect to all of the parts of the body. Most psychological modalities look for a one-fits-all cause and solution. However, this simply indicates an inadequacy to the modality. 

The brain is not hard wired to never change. It is constantly changing and evolving - this is understood as neuroplasticity. The brain is highly adaptive with its primary goal being to survive under all circumstances. However, it begs the question, how is it that suicide then becomes a possibility?​

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There are many variations to a person that can cause suicidal tendencies. Two of the most common are firstly, where the person has lost their voice, experiences a lack human connection (better termed love) and are desperate to feel that they matter, or at least exist. The version tends to be more obvious in their behaviour that something is not right with the person. While death is an out to the pain they feel, it is not the primary goal. 

The second version is where the person is in so much agony, all sense of hope is lost and despite every effort made, the agony simply becomes worse and worse, more and more, exacerbating the need to escape. This person will seem happy on the outside and for some, almost too happy. There will be next to no behavioural signs that this person is about to end their chronic suffering.

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Both are as serious as the other. Both are more than depression or a potential mental illness. These occur due to variations of trauma that can span years and occur from as early as being in the womb. 

It is important to keep in mind that the pain, the agony and loss of hope experienced is beyond anything an average person could ever begin to comprehend. 

From a metaphysical perspective, unfortunately suicide will not stop the pain. It only pauses it for a short duration; because until the trauma(s) have been dealt with, it is imprinted on the energetic DNA (or the the soul in no better terms) until it is resolved. The more times suicide happens, the more intense this becomes.

Without going into the complexities of past lives and all that is not tangible, the only way out is forward. 

The way forward will vary for each person and there is no special pill or quick fix. But if help is sort from the place that is right for that person, the agony will eventually lift and hope will return more permanently. 

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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