Spirituality and Science

There is this assumption that all things spiritual have no place in science, let alone behavioural science. However, this could not be further from the truth.


There is no doubt that “spiritual” conjures up all sorts of images, associations and interpretations. Some with good reason and others due to popularity. However, one thing to keep in mind is that spiritual is a broad way of saying “energy”.

Some Background…


Spirituality is not a religion. It is a point of connection that is beyond that of one’s belief. This can be the literal universe or the one we all know exists between the planes of logical constrains. It encompasses that which is bigger than us and impacts us, individually and collectively.


A religion is a belief system which is shared by a number of people using spirituality to outline its basis. The two are not the same, yet, do have synergy. Spirituality is not limited by religion and works with all religions. Now a belief – this is a personal strategy that has been designed within an individual. It is specific to them. Because religion is a belief it is personal, not universal.


As such, when it comes to the “spiritual” aspects of brain functions, it is purely energy. Energy is in everything. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. Though the process is not simple.

In a lot of research around brain study, it is assumed that the soul is part of the brain however, it isn’t. The soul is the energy of the person. It isn’t physical. Descartes had a theory and to some, error. Some believe that he meant that the mind and body are two separate parts. But in one version, Descartes said the soul and the body are separate, however, in translation this was changed.


The brain is physical, as is the body. Therefore, there is no separation between the two. However, the soul, the energy that fuels us is not physical. This can be called the “spiritual”.


Neuro-Metaphysics is the Bridge...


I designed methods/techniques that I called: Neuro-Metaphysics, because it bridges the spiritual with the programming of the brain, through something as seeming simple as a conversation. This is not NLP and not limited to mental health, as NLP has its limitations in this area. Neuro-Metaphysics literally uses the energy of the person to reprogram.


While, I cannot go into the specifics of the methods, what I can share is that energy is the catalyst to changing brain programming and with this, anything is possible. It can heal illnesses and it can remove trauma of years ago. However, it is not a quick fix method. It has a multitude of layers to reach the actual place that it needs to create permanent and desired change. This is all through using the spiritual aspect of the person. In order words, it is redirecting the intent of the energy and changing its purpose – specifically and directly.


When the spiritual is seen for the magnitude that it is in each of us, in varying degrees, and can be harnessed to serve a purpose bigger than fluffy, popular titles then those illnesses that have plagued us may no longer need to be tolerated.


This takes therapy beyond the limits of talking about the same thing for years on end without change and allows true healing. This is how science and the spiritual should be. Science will always be behind as it needs to be discovered to be proven and the spiritual is the evolution to what we don’t know that we know. Now, there is a bridge.

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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