Couple's Shadow

Sexual Therapy focuses on more than the physical limitations and challenges.


There are three main components: the focus on the behaviour - beliefs, learned behaviours and values; the focus on the emotional/mental state - your sexual identity, confidence, awareness and how this is interpreted in relationships, and the last part being the focus on the physical - illness, unexplained pains, impotence,  and so forth.

As such, a holistic approach is used which not only resolves the physical issue, it also enables you to heal, gain tools and move into an empowering place for the rest of your life. This means that those issues do not continually repeat during stressful times in your life and allows you to no longer suppress the need to be complete.

While sex is everywhere, in advertising, media, television, internet,and the list goes on, sexuality has never been such a issue as it is today. Most of the information is limited and repetitive, as well as often evading what is really going on. From 75% of women not experiencing orgasms, to men being unable to last longer than a couple of minutes (if not impotent or prematurely ejaculating), to an increasing suicide rate in those forced to be what they are not. However, all is not lost.


The WellBeing Practice takes a unique and innovative approach knowing how to help you, while also incorporating the power of sexual energy to assist with the more complex situations. The WellBeing Practice is the only one in the world to do it this way. 

A better way to understand sexual therapy is to understand the need for intimacy, connection and how this is translated into different type of relationships. Sexual Therapy helps you ensure there is synergy and balance in all areas of your life.

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