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When you hear a story of someone that has been, came out or is still in an abusive situation the first reaction is to say "just leave" as though this had never been a consideration.

There is a lot on domestic violence, narcissistic abuse syndrome, sexual assault and no doubt an array of other names for what has become normal to hear about across social media, media and social circles. But why is it that there is so little understanding or compassion given to the person that finds themselves in this position as though they somehow are to blame for what has happened to them?

Worse than that is that the "professionals" that profess to help have no idea how to communicate or assist in any of these situations. Consequently leaving the person that this has happened to alone, isolated and left to somehow fend on their own.

There a myriad of groups and "systems" that again claim to help for a small fee. But one thing they do not take into account is the mental and physical state of a person in these types of situations. If it was so easy this would not be a rising epidemic.

Awareness exists but that is not what is needed. Compassion is.

Until you are in a position of being completely helpless, controlled, everything you have taken from you or destroyed left with debilitating mental conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma through to chronic physical illnesses then perhaps the judgment should be left for something else. Not to mention the amount of anger, blame, shame, guilt that plagues each person individually for years.

What is needed is help that works. Educating all on how easy it is to fall victim and what to do should you ever find yourself in this situation. Let's take back the power we believe we need to give up for love.

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