Band-Aid in Well Being?

There is a big push and focus on health and wellbeing across a multitude of industries. However, the message is always the same. It is focused on regular exercise, enough sleep, having a healthy diet, having time to relax and potentially meditating. This all sounds perfect, doesn't it?

There is however, one significant flaw with this and why repeating this a thousand times will not change the results, or rather, lack of results.

After having my business for over eleven years, it is interesting to note that over that time the message is still exactly the same, just displayed in different ways. If it did not work back then, why is it all of a sudden going to work?

Unfortunately, this thought and push of methodology will NEVER work. It is completely unrealistic and cannot be achieved. The fact is, if life was perfect these areas would be addressed anyway. There would not need to be a focus specifically on them. So, shouldn't the areas that impede balance and harmony be addressed first?

Simply, yes. Health and wellbeing is not about trying to fit into a "perfect" world. It is looking at what is going on specific to you and going through the multitude of layers that make up your life, across the mind, body and spirit. This is why yoga alone will not fix past traumas and why sleeping a lot will not fix the anger that you feel over the smallest of things. It is a combination of all areas.

Often the health and wellbeing message is a band-aid solution. A band-aid to avoid that every person treats events and circumstances uniquely. No two people will react exactly the same over a situation. The physiological result may be the same but how it was created was not.

So - health and wellbeing is about you - specifically. It is about your values, how your beliefs support (or don't support) you, how your life is structured and the pressures and experiences over the years that have brought you into this state of right now.

To add health and well being it must start with you - what is important to you emotionally. Start with a core value to learn to understand who you are before deciding what you think you need. It must be about you to gain any positive, lasting results.

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