Possessions and Mental Health

There is an increase of possessions over the past year, which is reflective of the chaos that this year has brought. 

In order to understand what this means, it is comprehending what possession actually is. There are a few different forms of possession and most link this to the dramatics of such movies as The Exorcist or The Entity. While both were based on true stories from the 1970's, what happened to these victims was not disclosed. Though it was not a happy ending.

First off, possessions are not religious and have nothing to do with religion. Linked to Demonology (the study of demons), a demon, often referred to as the devil, is a negative, spiritual being that exists, typically in a different dimension, just like ghosts of passed loved one. There are however, millions of them, not one and their hierarchy is similar to that of the corporate organisational structure. The stronger and older being near the top of the structure. These would be in excess of a thousand years old. Rarely do these involve themselves in the dealings of the human plane.


The most common are the minions (one of the lowest levels and the youngest) which come in groups. Then there are the mid or rather low to mid level which includes tricksters, chameleons, magicians, etc, and they generally use other beings, like reptilians to help them. 

The tricky part with possession is how a person is possessed. Whether it is an external attachment to the auric layers, internal via the three core chakras (those that hold the highest levels of energy) or one of the worst, being attached to the nervous system and wired within the neurons of the brain. 

A standard exorcism looks at pulling out the foreign part - the demon. However, if the possession has gone on for years, which many do, then it is possible that it will not only harm the person but even kill them during the process. Should it be pulled out, then it will return and be twice as strong, often making the person greatly suffer as a consequence to their inconvenience.

It is believed that the exorcism ritual used commonly by churches was based way back when on a pagan ritual. But like most rituals much can be lost in translation and given rituals are very specific, can cause adverse or no effect. Additionally the challenge is not only to get rid of the possession, but also to ensure the person remains and ends up whole throughout. 

Moonlit Fortress

With a foreign spirit, easily called a parasite in some instances, residing in the space meant for one over a significant period of time, it can case a lot of damage. The most common are the symptoms of schizophrenia. 

Because possession is an out of the box, left of centre condition, allopathic therapies would dismiss the possibility that this indeed exists and sadly, more often than it should be. 

(As a side note: Narcissistic Sociopaths are not possessed. They are very human and have no metaphysical influences - a discussion for another day). 

To remove a possession is a complex and potentially timely process, that is dangerous and can be harmful to both the victim and the practitioner, if not done correctly. Equally, this is a rare ability to have and not one to be wished for. 

It should be taken as seriously as life or death as well as respected for the journey required to defeat and reclaim the life back. Fortunately it is always possible to be normal again when prepared to do what is necessary. 

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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