Physically Releasing Emotions

It is no secret that emotions can become blocked within the body, literally and physically. However, this can be overlooked when going for a treatment for massage, physiotherapy or even acupuncture.

When the muscles are tight and knotted, this can often hold not just tension, but also days, months, and years of emotional blockages, traumas or what the mind has decided it is unable to process until a later date and has chosen to suppress within parts of the body and muscles.

These can create triggers and anchors of pain which can be released as physical pain or create a negative emotional response. 

What can happen is that as a person, this can be forgotten or not considered as anything more than a physical issue. However, it can run much deeper than this and typically, the more pain and chronic condition, can suggest years and years of suppression and lack of processing. 


Consequently when going for a physical treatment, what can occur are emotional releases, overwhelming reactions and unexpected adverse affects to an otherwise professional process. 

It is important that should this occur the practitioner is aware of what is happening and allows the client the space to adjust to the release and not be rushed out until they are no longer in the overwhelm of the emotional release. 

When this does not take place, the client can end up becoming stuck in the emotional release and spend the next two days in bouts of crying and physical pain unable to move out or control this until the body has completed processing the treatment. 

In some circumstances, it can even reverse the benefit of the treatment. 


In approximately nine out of ten cases, physical issues, illnesses and inflictions have a corresponding emotional, mental or psychological reason and can be the cause of the physical problems being experienced. 

This can suggest that a person in physical pain, is also in emotional pain constantly to feed the physical condition. This is a horrible thought to consider. 

Any pain should be temporary and used to indicate an imbalance. However, when the body is in a constant state of pain, the imbalance finds a way to balance and normalise the pain. When this occurs the person feels as though they may fall apart without the intensity they have become accustomed to so much so they can avoid removing the obstacles and triggers as well as addressing the core of the issue. 

Ironically, once addressed, they will no longer be in pain, have the physical conditions to such an intensity and have an opportunity to recover and heal. 

Be mindful that the mind, body and spirit work as one unit. Where something happens to one part, this will be reflected in some aspect in another. Be open to enable healing in all areas irrelevant of the modality chosen. 

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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