Past Lives

There are many interpretations and beliefs when it comes to past lives. There are equally as many techniques to help access this innate part of the person.


Whatever is out there, which is deemed as fact, a fact(s) cannot waiver from the truth. 


The truth about past lives is that they exist for every, single person. Some have more than others depending on the age of one’s soul. This in itself is a whole other discussion. For the sake of simplicity, the focus here is on past lives. 


DNA is part of a person and it is common knowledge. However, past lives exist within, what is called, the energetic DNA.


The easiest way to comprehend this is that energy is frequency and as a person the physical DNA connects to the energetic DNA to align what is understood as mind/body/spirit.


As such, past lives work not with the concept of time, rather with the frequency of time. 


To take a step back and purely from a conceptual surface level, time is circular, not linear. Consider the figure 8 as representation of past, present and future, which in fact occurs all at once. 


When taking this into the understanding of past lives, it means that past lives are not only, but in the very least, parallel. Some move forwards, some backwards and others to the side. 


To access past lives it is a matter of tapping into the specific frequency of that person within their neurology and energetic DNA. In there is every bit of information on a person. The details are inexhaustive.


Some require the use of akashic records and others utilise past life regression to access this information. Irrelevant of the technique, the fact still remains that everything a person is, was or will be is, has and will be captured within them in this frequency unique to them. 

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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