The WellBeing Practice is excited to offer Behavioural Pain Management. A fresh approach to understanding the purpose of pain and why patterns are repeated despite efforts to create change. 

Pain comes in many forms and often is assumed to simply be part of life. What if the pain that is being experienced did not need to be there?

Pain is the body and mind's way of advising that there is an imbalance. Many physical symptoms coincide with emotional and psychological triggers, traumas and factors. Over years this can become compounded into chronic conditions or worse.

At the WellBeing Practice the focus of Behavioural Pain Management is to not only to get to the origin of the pain's purpose, it is also adjusting the neurological wiring of certain behaviours to enable self healing, re-establishing what is balance and ultimately health. 

The Process

These sessions are treated differently by incorporating all the therapeutic tools the WellBeing Practice offers, providing a layered healing approach. 

An initial assessment is conducted to ascertain what is presenting and the journey of the pain experienced. A personalised program is then designed specific to what has been uncovered providing support through the whole process. 

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Some of the examples where the pain experienced are linked to emotions:

  • Focus/Concentration Issues

  • Weight issues

  • Sleep issues

  • Body Images

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Energy fluctuations

  • Immune deficiencies

  • Muscle pain with no cause

  • Dull headaches

  • Bad memory

  • Brain fog

  • Overwhelm

  • Stomach & digestive issues

  • Fluctuating anxiety

and the list goes on...