Emotional pain is one of the most common challenges, issues, hurdles every person faces each day. Emotions are deemed by many as weak and inconsequential, with the suggestion of suppression or "get over it" or similar which in turn compounds the pain more and more and more. 

Emotional pain is not based on rationalising or logic, it is based on how you feel about a situation, event, particular treatment or certain traumas experienced. The brain then processes this typically as a survival response which in time, if not quite quickly, becomes physical issues, behavioural issues, the inability to cope, to manage day to day pressures let alone hold healthy relationships or feel fulfilled at work. 

Most use emotional pain as a foundation to decisions and end up living the opposite of what they want by settling for "quiet" not happy, and sadly, still feeling the excruciating, compounding emotional pain that was only ever pushed down. 

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Emotional Therapy is a big part of mental health as is the the need to address this and enable healing as well as a way out of the pain that hinders and limits. 

Hally understands emotional pain not only from years and years of helping clients but also first hand in a myriad of ways, which adds another important and deep layer to help you overcome yours.


Consider you could be happy and out of pain - what would this be like?