Meditation by the Sea

The WellBeing Practice created a new modality called "Neuro-Metaphysics Therapy". The WellBeing Practice consequently is the only place worldwide to offer this innovative and ground breaking way to reprogram the brain and neuro-pathways.

Neuro-Metaphysics is a type of neuroplasticity utilising the soft emotions to change what was once considered hard wired. This enables a deeper and more profound result.

To Take this Further:  

In a lot of research around brain study, it is assumed that the soul and consequently emotions are part of the brain however, it is more about frequency than matter. The brain is physical, as is the body. Therefore, there is no separation between the two. It is understanding how emotions play a role in this - physical or energetic? It is here that neuro-metaphysics becomes interesting. 


Neuro-Metaphysics Therapy is the bridge between emotions and the energetic with the tangible and physical. It combines the logic of traditional therapy with the frequency of emotion. It plays a vital role in filling the gap most other modalities in mental health have missed. 


Neuro-Metaphysics Therapy is an effective way to treat illnesses, mental challenges  and it can remove trauma from years ago. It has a multitude of layers and creates permanent change.

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