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What is Metaphysics?

Colloquially it means all things that are to do with and pertaining to spirituality, energetics, mediumship, paranormal, spiritual healing and well being as well as the areas in between, which is in exhaustive.


Metaphysics is the philosophy of all abstract concepts such as the meaning of life, being, knowing, how the universe fits in and identity of self. How and why things exist.

Welcome to the much requested area of Metaphysical Challenges. A speciality exclusive to the WellBeing Practice.

There is a buzz on all things spiritual however, aside the inundation of awakening and enlightening hopes, comes the other not so uplifting side. This is where “Metaphysical Challenges” are borne. This can include spiritual, negative energies, entities, hauntings, possession, hearing voices, illnesses relating to these areas, consistent excessive bad luck and the areas that fit in between.


This is a broad description because there is not a one fits all. Every case has its own unique attributes and its own challenges to overcome. Typically, this area can span for years without the person even being aware there is a problem until a tipping point or trigger has been initiated. While this predominantly comes under the Creative Balance Healing banner of all things metaphysical, more and more it has become prevalent of the mutual cross over into therapies and mainstream metaphysics. 

The WellBeing Practice has a specific and distinctive take on this and how best to resolve and heal these cases. Not prescribing to the stereotypical exorcisms or anything that will harm or damage the person, in the short or long term. It is the ability to understand how this can happen, why and solving this for the person.


While this can sound bizarre, weird and out there, it is interesting to note the influences and impact energies in general can have on a person. This is then compounded with traumas, experiences and other effects to develop issues that do not fit into a pretty box and take even more to resolve.


Fortunately, The WellBeing Practice is well versed across all areas of therapy and metaphysics, mainstream and the not so mainstream, with the exclusive abilities to undertake what is necessary. 

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