Creator of Neuro-Metaphysics

I created this modality several years ago. While there are no doubt references to this online, I am the one that aptly created a modality to fill the gap that counselling, NLP, coaching and psychology left. 


I have had my business now for over 16 years and in that time I have had varied cases that were heart breaking and inspiring at the same time. Consequently, I felt limited in helping so, with my diverse and specific skillset in metaphysics as well as my love of how the brain functions, created Neuro-Metaphysics. (Technically, it is neuro-parapsychics as a true definition, however, I believed this would simply complicate the modality). 

This modality allows a bridge to be created between the energy of the emotions to the wiring of neurology as well as eventual biology. While NLP has its obvious strengths, this does not agree with everyone and in some mental illnesses I found it created adverse affects rather than benefits. 


When it came to blocked trauma and trauma in general, many modalities require going into that trauma to remove or change the wiring behind it. I found this to be harsh and lengthy for the person and the results were not always positive. Because blocked trauma, for example, is blocked to protect the brain and the mental state of the person, forcing a person to go into this can re-establish the trauma into a new trauma on top of the existing. This seemed counter-productive to me. 

I have had my own share of pain and adversary in my life, so know first hand the impact of going through and re-living trauma unnecessarily. I thought there has to be a better way that this can be done without hours of agony for the person.


Neupro-Metaphysics is designed to use energy, senses and emotions to rewire the brain to change how it treats certain beliefs, traumas and even illnesses. It is not a quick fix and can take weeks and then other times it can take a couple of hours. It all depends on the receptiveness of the person. 


The brain is highly complex and in my research I have found the emotions are considered part of the brain as a physical function. However, with the consideration that everything is energy and matter is also a form of energy, then emotions or the energy behind emotions are simply a different frequency and thus, not physical however, extremely relevant. By being able to tap into this and harness this with the specific skills and knowledge I have, I can now adjust and change this to help a person. 


I am excited to have created this modality and maybe one day I may teach it. But for now, it is something my clients will have access to in their journey to healing, balance and well being.

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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