COGNITIVE Development

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I always had a bad memory. I struggled to connect in conversation and never remembered names. I resisted social settings and felt uncomfortable when I had to go. It felt like I had a curtain over my thoughts.

Thank you Hally. I can now remember names, I can converse easily, my social anxiety is gone and for the first time I can focus clearly on everything.

It is like I am finally awake and I will always be grateful for your help.

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  • Do you suffer from not remembering common information - names, dates, events?

  • Do you feel like you have brain fog with no direct causes?

  • Do you lack concentration and focus?

Then the 12 week "Cognitive Development" Program can help you!

One of the more recent developments has been neuroplasiticity. Yet, this was been around since the 1960s. So why is it only now being made popular?

There are a few views on how this works, commonly that the brain is not hard wired, it can in fact change. It can be rewired a number of times, which in itself helps to keep optimal cognitive functions including:

  • focus

  • clarity

  • memory

  • lateral thinking

  • removing unwanted behavioural patterns


However, after much research and working with clients with every day cognitive challenges, the WellBeing Practice has found and designed something that is simple and works.

The 12 week "Cognitive Development" Program is designed to improve memory, brain agility, better focus and concentration, eliminating unwanted behaviours and thinking more easily. This can also provide emotional well being.

The difference with this program is that it incorporates elements from neurometaphysics (exclusive to the Wellbeing Practice) to provide better results and tools that will work for life. It is getting underneath all the programming and rewiring to give you a more balanced, alert brain function.

Some say to sleep more. Some say to eat better. Some say exercise more. This program, however, says something very different.

Talk to Hally today to commence improving and developing your cognitive abilities.