Betrayal of Values

When there is a world filled with chaos, it seems there is licence to betray, deceive, lie or simply ignore the common values of being human.


Values are the basis of how humans are designed and programmed. The values with which we enter the world are known as our core values. These typically include values such as: respect, integrity, trust, love, compassion, kindness, honesty and so forth. Over the years as experiences and lessons are gained, additional values can be added to this list shaping the person and their innate behaviour.


This then begs the question that when this exists, how can there be so much betrayal and deceit? In simple terms, it is because the person that inflicts this is not aligned to their core values and finds balance by compromising others’ beliefs and consequently, values.

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Then add the chaos of the world, the energy and intent of chaos and the desire of the individual to simply not honour their promises or keep their word because they believe that they have the right and free reign to do what they want, even when it is at the consequence of someone. This typically is how easily trust in relationships can be quickly destroyed.


There is no excuse or reason to betray, be underhanded, deceive or go against the core values of being human. The only real reason would be for survival, however, within the western world, this is not such a necessity and bad behaviour comes from a lack of honesty of self and a belief system that supports this bad behaviour.


So, as a victim of this poor behaviour, is it simply tolerating this? Absolutely not. Be aware of the core values that are important personally and individually. Honour them and be honest about how it feels to be deceived, betrayed or lied to by someone trusted. Then consider the options to remedy the situation. Is it a point of conversation and confrontation? Or is it better to walk away and never look back? Whatever is chosen, when it is aligned to the core values, it will always be right. It may take a minute until this sense of hurt dissipates, and rightly so.


So, in the meantime, have kindness and compassion for the fact that having a care factor is sometimes wasted despite best intentions.

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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