Behind Spiritual Gifts

When looking on social media and the internet about spiritual gifts and those that have them, those that are apparently extraordinary, there is a disdain to this aspect of spirituality. This is because there are certain aspects that are never spoken about, omitted and other areas that are glorified for the wrong reasons.


The fact is that every single person has psychic abilities on some level. 


How it works is that as a child the gifts can appear in a variety of forms and then as the child ages this area of the brain, pertaining to gifts is shut down or blocked as illogical or ridiculous. Then as an adult, some find that through life happening, in no better terms, that these gifts can re-appear however, in a more haphazard manner. Perhaps in the form of over sensitivity, being too empathic and too intensely visual dreams. This is the point where the person can choose if they want to develop or again suppress. 


Some will choose to suppress and retain their normalcy with the occasional spark of a gift coming through. Whereas others may choose to follow the path to see where it leads.


Now, what many don’t realise is that utilising, awakening and developing spiritual gifts entails activating certain parts of the brain to provide the energy necessary to use the gifts. Typically one gift is the dominate but over time all six can be developed. This also means that the brain will adjust to enable the energy required to operate these gifts.


To clarify - psychic is the umbrella to the specific gifts. The specific gifts being clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and so forth. In other words, an increased sensitivity to the senses - sight, sound, feeling, knowing, hearing, smell and taste. This increased sensitivity is not physical, it is energetic, hence the requirement of an increased brain capacity.

What isn’t spoken about are the consequences of adjustment. Most tend to dabble and set on the outskirts of a gift. Some basic psychic ability, some empathy, some channeling and not much else. This will only use the energy that has already been established. These tend to remain at this level of ability indefinitely. These can also be the ones that choose the path of ego to sprout how gifted they are, when really, it isn’t anything extra-ordinary, rather ordinary.


Developing gifts can come at a cost that most are not willing to pay. The more a gift is developed the greater the discomfort and physical adjustment must take place. While the end result is practical tools that can be used in day to day life, it also means headaches, migraines, fluctuating serotonin, stomach sensitivity, fluctuating libido to mention a few. This can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks or longer, depending on the integration process of further developing the specific gift. 


Commonly, if clairvoyance is being heightened everything will seem too bright, the colours extremely vivid and headaches. The headaches with gifts is due to the synapses being fired off in the brain and activating neurons that would otherwise be dormant. 


But there is more…


Some think of awakening as expanding and feeling this incredible sense of completeness and the ability to astral travel. However, this is simply the beginning and often can go very wrong very quickly. 


One thing that is overlooked is the need for safety and protection in developing gifts. The greater the gift the greater the risk of inviting in things that cannot be seen however are not of this world and do not wish a person well. This occurs more often than not. This is called a possession - or the intention of. Gifts can be developed continuously over a lifetime as there is always more, however, the brain capacity must exist as well as the willingness to pay the price of the physical discomfort. 


When taking all of this into mind it demonstrates that it is not a path for everyone, that most haven’t done the work required because it is far from easy or pleasant and sadly, a lot choose to glorify their labels via ego and end up doing more harm than good. 


The difference between someone “gifted” and someone with surface gifts is the level of ego that exists. When there is ego, the energy cannot flow and the energy used is not universal or unconditional. It is the person’s own energy and this is where those unaware are harmed and damaged.


Do not be fooled into excellent marketing and a good speech. Listen to that voice within behind the help that is wanted, as to whether or not the person in front of you has good intentions beyond their own self serving. 


Last but not least, there are many, many areas to spirituality and the world of metaphysics that cannot and will not be found on Google. This does not mean it doesn’t exist, it simply means that whole world, at this point, isn’t privy to it. 

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

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