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Behavioural Therapy is a combination of modalities including but not limited to: Counselling, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Life Coaching, Holistic Counselling, Transpersonal Therapy, Performance Coaching and Behavioural Profiling.


Behavioural Therapy is focused on finding the core problem, issue, challenge that is causing the related behavioural hindrances and finding a solution that works to not only remedy this, also ensure the behavioural pattern is no longer repeated.


The mind is the starting point for many triggers. It is more than psychological as it also encompasses the neurological programming as well a the emotional impact from the circumstances throughout your life that led you to your present undesired mental state.


The mind is led by the unconscious programming, influenced belief systems and core values. When these aspects are unaligned, driven by low self worth or heavy external influences, this can result in negative neurological behaviour. There are many variations and layers to what can create a focused, negative, limiting, mindset.


The WellBeing Practice is the leader in providing incredible, powerful therapies that can, and will, help you with your challenge, issue or situation. The difference at the WellBeing Practice is that due to the expanse of modalities available, it provides a revolutionary platform to help you gain exactly what you need.


All sessions are completely confidential and run for approximately 60-90 minutes.  


The WellBeing Practice cares about you and how to help you. Backed with a brilliant reputation, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best there is.