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Behavioural Business Coaching is taking business coaching and adding another layer of complexity and certainty.

A business is based on structure, targets and the various departments to work in synergy to create profit and growth. However, even when this is running at the most efficient there is no guarantee that success is inevitable. Quite the contrary, in a lot of businesses they still fail - why? Simply because of behaviour.

By including emotional drivers and behavioural patterns specific to each person in key areas it becomes obvious why the business may not be performing as well as it should.

Behavioural Business Coaching is a fresh approach to resolve unseen issues and barriers that are impeding the progress and preventing optimal results.

The WellBeing Practice has helped many over the years resolve challenges no other noticed enabling each business to grow, evolve and soar to their potential.

EXTENDED DISC Behavioural Profiling

The WellBeing Practice is a proud provider of Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling.

Based on the Extended DISC model, it has a proven statistical reliability and validity as well as being successfully used in hundreds of organizations worldwide. This does not test personality but rather the unconscious/conscious state of a person, which provides greater accuracy. It is extremely useful in establishing strengths and challenges of each person individually and/or within a team.


Talk to the WellBeing Practice today on how behavioural profiling can improve your teams - getting the right people in the right roles to provide optimal success for all.