Living Room

Environmental Energy Design is a innovative and fresh approach to improving the energy, frequency and feel of a room, house, office or building.

Most are familiar with Feng Shui, so consider this is the updated version to include all of the electromagnetic influences, as well as the varying building structures and other contributing factors that impact the frequency of a place. It does however, work differently to Feng Shui and perhaps this is why there has been great success with this.

While Environmental Energy Design most certainly includes the flow of elemental considerations, the benefits can be used to do more, including: better communication, removal of tension and conflict, improved financial health, improved well being, better productivity, improved sleep through to renting/selling a property faster to mention a few.

The most  popular habit to improve frequency flow is known as burning sage. However, what most do not know is that it only covers one or two frequencies. As such, it provides merely a less than band-aid to a problem that may run a lot deeper.

Environmental Energetics Design is a lot more comprehensive and thorough, as well as entailing a much more detailed process. It is having the understanding how and why frequencies exist as well as knowing how to remedy situations where the physical cannot be adjusted or where moving is not an option.

This actual thought has existed for a long time, however, the WellBeing Practice is the only one to take this and improve upon it, allowing you to gain peace, productivity, health and comfort where there was none before.

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